Who AM I?

Am I the name you call me by

Or am I the body that I occupy 

Am I the mind that continues to evolve

Or am I my intellect the problems it solves


Am I my ego that continues to grow

Or am I all the things I study and know

Am I the experiences I have had

Or am I the dreams in my head


Am I the things gathered over the years

or Am I the wound that bought me to tears

Am I the things I possess 

Or am I the thoughts that I obsess


Am I my job that pays the rent

Or am I the money in my bank

Am I that everyone admires 

Or Am I that no one ever desires

Who am I?





“Time.. an abstract concept or a reality
It IS the space between was and will be
a moment and an eternity
It runs and yet goes nowhere
As much mine as yours
Spaced in minutes and spanned in hours
The most powerful healer
And the most cherished gift
enjoyed often & often dreaded
Counted in decades
in memories it’s threaded
I wonder sometimes
Do the birds cruising above, time their flight
Do they count the days and the hours in the night
Or they sore in the sky just because that’s what they do
And don’t carry the burden of time passed and what’s yet to come through
I wonder sometimes
Do the leaves on gorgeous green trees worry they will fall come cold
Or the buds resist blooming because they don’t want to get old
I wonder sometimes
If the clock didn’t tick and the hands didn’t move
Will the world stand still and lose its grove
I wonder sometimes
What if we didn’t count the seconds that passed
What if we live the IS between what will be and what was
What if we cherished the soul of life and let the flowers bloom and unfold
What if life wasn’t a timeline where we worry too much about getting old
What would it be then…An abstract concept or a reality
Lived in a moment passed in an eternity”

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