I returned to London after 12 yrs today and while walking the streets the feelings were ripe the thoughts and words were in a flow. There is something about these streets. Something that makes you stop and take notice.

ये गलीयाँ कितने राज़ हैं छिपाए
इन कोनों में कितनी कहानियाँ गुम हैं
हर मोर्ड पे सदीयाँ हैं बीतीं
आज जहाँ खड़े हम तुम हैं

अगर बोल पाती ये दीवारें
तो दास्ताँ क्या बयान होती
किस्से कुछ ऐसे निकलते
कि एक उम्र भी पूरी कहाँ होती

These cobbled streets

How many secrets they keep

These little dark corners

What stories they harbour

Every turn has seen centuries gone by

Today where we stand. You and I

If these walls could speak

What an epic they would spew

So many tales to tell

And lifetimes just a few.

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