I will slowly ruin you…

I am sneaky and always hungry

Not fed enough I get really angry

I make you burn the forests

that give you life

I drive you to mass horrors and

make you kill with a knife


Though only for a moment

I feed you a false sense of power

and then I am Hungry again

hungry the next very hour

You give in to my demands everyday

Bringing me more and feeding me again

You go far and beyond to meet my needs

Causing wreckage and causing pain


Yet I am never done; Never fully satisfied

I am Greed, I am here to stay

If you keep giving, I will take it all away


I blind you with the need

And I chain you with desire

I make you want more

Promising to take you higher


It’s never going to be enough

Until you have burnt all the trees

And dried up all the oceans

It’s never going to be enough

Until you have killed all that is alive

And clean air becomes just a notion


I take you to a path of destruction

That’s what I am meant to do

I am Greed and I am here

To slowly ruin you

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