That’s when I am Home

When there is no approval
and no judgment
When I am all me
as flawed as I can be

When the scars are in the open
And the lines start showing
When there are no skeletons in the closet
And the greys are happily growing

When the pretence is dropped
And the soul is out and alive
When the biases are gone
And the true self is able to thrive

That’s when I am home
Not on top of a mountain
Not in a bustling city
Not in a big fancy house
Or in the grips of a lost society

When I am all of me
With all my vices and my virtue
When the goal is not perfection
But just all that is pure and true

That’s when I am home
In my heart and in my soul
That’s when I am home
When I can love me as a whole

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