“Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flame”.. Rumi

Hi, I am Garima a single, independent professional woman.  I have this philosophy that life is lived in horizontals and within a horizontal your happiness fluctuates. It takes a leap to change your life’s horizontal and I have taken a few such leaps in my life.  It all started when I decided to leave the country I was born and raised in, India and moved to Canada for higher education chasing my dreams and since then have worked hard to make them a reality.

I have been lucky to not only live my dreams but also to continue to visualize new ones and these new ones took me to my second leap a few years ago when in my mid thirties decided to leave the job I had took a year off from a progressing career .  During this year I spent quality time with family, traveled the world (not all of it of course) and paused and self reflected a lot.  The year off was a step to live the ‘What if’ of life.   It also started me on a deeper journey and since getting back I have leaped again and packed my bags moved to a new city, new country and a net new job.   In this blog I share my creative expression via poetry, my experiences, my travel adventures both solo and with friends, and the risks I take and how they work out.

I have set my life (as I knew it) on fire and with this blog I seek those who fan my flame.


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