I exist

I exist
I wake up in the morning
And go about my day
I do the hard work
For the hungry mouths to feed
And bills that I need to pay

I trust you to do your job
As I do mine everyday
I ask you to show up
And commit to what you say

But don’t you assume
Even for a second
That I don’t have a voice
Don’t just think you can have your way
And give me no choice

I am The people. I exist
If I can walk the streets to vote you in
I can march them when I have to resist
I am the people. I can tolerate only so much
If you start taking me for granted
I am not going to let it go on as such

I am the people and I exist
When your blind ego
Start taking the world to a dark place
I will take to the streets and protest
Because it’s my right and my space

If where you want to take the country
Is not to prosperity but division
If your agenda is fascist
And evil is in your vision
I will wake up and open my eyes
I will get out and I will rise
I will leave my work and everything I need to do
take to the streets as a reminder to you
That I am the people and I exist

You can try to suppress me, shame me
and apply the force if you so dare
But I will protest because I care
I care about the future of my children
I care about the next generation

So I will walk on the street Night and day
I will leave the hungry mouths to be fed
And the bills I have to pay
And I will protest until the dark clouds clear
And I will shout to open those shut ears
Because I am the people and I exist

I am the country, the city and the world
And when evil rises I wake up and resist
For if I don’t awaken now
You will take my silence as an agreement
My busy life as my indifference
And forget that you exist because I let you
You have a voice because I DO.

वो पैहला प्यार

वो पेहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं
जिसके इंतज़ार में वक़्त बीता तो सही
पर कभी गुज़रा ही नहीं
धड़कन थमी बहुत मर्तबा
पर थमके कभी बढ़ी ही नहीं
वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं

वो एहसास जिसमें एक कसक सी हो
और उस कसक में भी आनंद आए
लमहें थमें और समये तेज़ी से गुज़रता जाए
जिसके छूने के एहसास भर से ही तपिश हो
और एक नज़र भर से घेरी सी कशिश भी
वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं

वो जो खुद की ख़ूबसूर्ति का एहसास दिलाए
अपने आप पे थोड़ा ही सही पर घमंड तो कराए
आयिने की ज़िंदगी में नयी अहमीयत हो
और घण्टों ख़यालों में खो जाने की आदत भी

वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं
वक़्त बीता तो सही पर कभी गुज़रा ही नहीं


I was born and then came she
It was a bond like no other
She helped me survive
And we grew up together
All that I said and all that I did
She was right there doing my bid

I wouldn’t have made it without her
in this cruel tough world
When I couldn’t do it alone
She was by my side, my girl

I depended on her
she became my crutch
For whatever I had to do
Her voice mattered so much

Her influence grew by the year
and I became a bit more weak
Her voice got much louder
And mine a bit more meek

She remembers it all now
every scar we got
every hurt feeling and
every negative thought

I can’t blame her though
For wanting to run and hide
I can’t blame her for
she wants to protect our pride

We both won’t be alive
If she didn’t help us survive
But now she is weary and doubtful
Hurt and oh! so scared
So it’s time to find my voice
as for life the two of us are paired

It’s my turn to stand up and give her a hug
Tell her to take a backseat while I step up
It’s time for me to lead the way
And know that I can let go
Of SHE who is my EGO


It doesn’t have to be black and white
Maybe it’s a deep shade of grey
it’s doesn’t have to be far left or right
Maybe there is another way

It doesn’t have to be an either or
Maybe it’s nothing at all
It doesn’t have to be a neither nor
Maybe it’s encompassing it all

The high standard we define
The limits in which we confine
Maybe there is another view
Different than yours and mine

So focused are we to win
That we forget to really hear
So sure are we of what we know
For the unknown we completely fear

The differences we hone in on
And the similarities we choose not to see
Maybe we aren’t all that different
Just Separate branches of the same tree

It doesn’t have to be black and white
Maybe it’s a deep shade of grey
It doesn’t have to be far left or right
maybe There has to be another way

Forever to live!

When she stopped

Counting the seconds

And stopped watching the clock

She was no longer living like

there was no tomorrow

But started living like she had forever

And more to live


The morning runs became

a stroll that lasted for hours

as she paused to see

and smell the beautiful flowers

There was nowhere to be

And nothing urgent to see

There was a forever to live

And a forever to be


Life hadn’t passed by

And nothing was yet to be

When the limits faded away

She truly became free

कुछ तनहां लमहें

कुछ तनहां लमहें ऐसा साथ निभा जाते हैं

यूँही बैठे बैठे कितना कुछ सिखा जाते हैं

जब गुम से रहे हों दुनिया की भीड़ में कहीं

हमारा हमही से परिचय करा जाते हैं

कुछ तनहां लमहें ऐसा साथ निभा जाते हैं


यूँ ही बदनाम है तनहायी का साथ

जहां खुल के खुद से करलेते हैं दो बात

चलो कुछ तनहां लमहें बिताएँ

अपने ख़यालों को ज़रा परवान तो दें

यूँ ही किसी ख़्वाहिश को अंजाम तो दें


The same expression in a different language.

Moments of Silence

A few moments of silence

Are often the best companion

Take you beyond the daily pretence

and amidst the life’s busy chase

Often these moments introduce you to yourself

Ignored as lonely, these moments are often lost

The moments where you can be free with your own thoughts

Let’s cherish these silent seconds

And let our dreams take flight

Let’s live a few moments beyond

the measure of wrong and right


That’s when I am Home

When there is no approval
and no judgment
When I am all me
as flawed as I can be

When the scars are in the open
And the lines start showing
When there are no skeletons in the closet
And the greys are happily growing

When the pretence is dropped
And the soul is out and alive
When the biases are gone
And the true self is able to thrive

That’s when I am home
Not on top of a mountain
Not in a bustling city
Not in a big fancy house
Or in the grips of a lost society

When I am all of me
With all my vices and my virtue
When the goal is not perfection
But just all that is pure and true

That’s when I am home
In my heart and in my soul
That’s when I am home
When I can love me as a whole

Who AM I?

Am I the name you call me by

Or am I the body that I occupy 

Am I the mind that continues to evolve

Or am I my intellect the problems it solves


Am I my ego that continues to grow

Or am I all the things I study and know

Am I the experiences I have had

Or am I the dreams in my head


Am I the things gathered over the years

or Am I the wound that bought me to tears

Am I the things I possess 

Or am I the thoughts that I obsess


Am I my job that pays the rent

Or am I the money in my bank

Am I that everyone admires 

Or Am I that no one ever desires

Who am I?





“Time.. an abstract concept or a reality
It IS the space between was and will be
a moment and an eternity
It runs and yet goes nowhere
As much mine as yours
Spaced in minutes and spanned in hours
The most powerful healer
And the most cherished gift
enjoyed often & often dreaded
Counted in decades
in memories it’s threaded
I wonder sometimes
Do the birds cruising above, time their flight
Do they count the days and the hours in the night
Or they sore in the sky just because that’s what they do
And don’t carry the burden of time passed and what’s yet to come through
I wonder sometimes
Do the leaves on gorgeous green trees worry they will fall come cold
Or the buds resist blooming because they don’t want to get old
I wonder sometimes
If the clock didn’t tick and the hands didn’t move
Will the world stand still and lose its grove
I wonder sometimes
What if we didn’t count the seconds that passed
What if we live the IS between what will be and what was
What if we cherished the soul of life and let the flowers bloom and unfold
What if life wasn’t a timeline where we worry too much about getting old
What would it be then…An abstract concept or a reality
Lived in a moment passed in an eternity”

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