I was born and then came she
It was a bond like no other
She helped me survive
And we grew up together
All that I said and all that I did
She was right there doing my bid

I wouldn’t have made it without her
in this cruel tough world
When I couldn’t do it alone
She was by my side, my girl

I depended on her
she became my crutch
For whatever I had to do
Her voice mattered so much

Her influence grew by the year
and I became a bit more weak
Her voice got much louder
And mine a bit more meek

She remembers it all now
every scar we got
every hurt feeling and
every negative thought

I can’t blame her though
For wanting to run and hide
I can’t blame her for
she wants to protect our pride

We both won’t be alive
If she didn’t help us survive
But now she is weary and doubtful
Hurt and oh! so scared
So it’s time to find my voice
as for life the two of us are paired

It’s my turn to stand up and give her a hug
Tell her to take a backseat while I step up
It’s time for me to lead the way
And know that I can let go
Of SHE who is my EGO

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