I exist

I exist
I wake up in the morning
And go about my day
I do the hard work
For the hungry mouths to feed
And bills that I need to pay

I trust you to do your job
As I do mine everyday
I ask you to show up
And commit to what you say

But don’t you assume
Even for a second
That I don’t have a voice
Don’t just think you can have your way
And give me no choice

I am The people. I exist
If I can walk the streets to vote you in
I can march them when I have to resist
I am the people. I can tolerate only so much
If you start taking me for granted
I am not going to let it go on as such

I am the people and I exist
When your blind ego
Start taking the world to a dark place
I will take to the streets and protest
Because it’s my right and my space

If where you want to take the country
Is not to prosperity but division
If your agenda is fascist
And evil is in your vision
I will wake up and open my eyes
I will get out and I will rise
I will leave my work and everything I need to do
take to the streets as a reminder to you
That I am the people and I exist

You can try to suppress me, shame me
and apply the force if you so dare
But I will protest because I care
I care about the future of my children
I care about the next generation

So I will walk on the street Night and day
I will leave the hungry mouths to be fed
And the bills I have to pay
And I will protest until the dark clouds clear
And I will shout to open those shut ears
Because I am the people and I exist

I am the country, the city and the world
And when evil rises I wake up and resist
For if I don’t awaken now
You will take my silence as an agreement
My busy life as my indifference
And forget that you exist because I let you
You have a voice because I DO.

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