Milestones; make you reflect
Make you pause and look back
At the journey thus far
And the road that lay ahead

They give you a sense of achievement
They say you have arrived somewhere
And how far you have come
They give you hope and excitement
For the adventures that are yet to begin

As I look back in the rear view mirror
I find it wise to note the lessons learnt
Rivers crossed and bridges burnt
Wise to keep the fire of curiosity alive
Wise to be grateful for the companions
Who joined me on this journey called life

As I bid adios to a decade that has been
10 years of growing up, many more of just being
A decade that shaped the woman I am today
And underlined the girl I entered it as
I am giddy with excitement
For the new chapter that just begun
For like always, I strongly believe
The best is yet to come.


जो खुद को ना जान पाया तू
तो किसी और को पहचान क्या देगा
जो अपने आप से ना कर पाया गुफ़्तगू
किसी और के सफ़र को ख़ुशी क्या देगा

कुछ लमहें खुद पे खर्च कर
एकांत से बातें कर
ख़्वाहिशों से परिचय कर

ढूँढ़ जो पाया तू खुद को इस भीड़ में
तो किसी की आँखों में खोने का डर ना होगा
जीत जो पाया अपने आप को
तो किसी के प्यार में डूब जाने का गम ना होगा


The one who doesn’t know himself
How can he identify with another
The one who hasn’t spent any time with his own thoughts
How can he get lost in another’s

Spend some time with yourself
Talk to the silence and talk to your soul
Know your dreams not just your goals

If you can discover yourself in this crowded world
will not be afraid of losing yourself in the eyes of someone
If you can win yourself all above
There will be no fear of falling in love

You my love

You my love feel me
Touch me and heal me
You are a soul so kind
Created by my very own mind

You my love stand so strong
Soft as a cloud and tough as a rock
You walk beside me. not a step in front
Not a step behind
You my love share your heart
And speak your mind

You my love voice so little
And yet say a lot
You my love are always there
Even when you are not

You my love, love yourself
And have so much more to give
You my love are the life itself
That I am so happy to live

You my love make holding of hand
Feel a gesture so grand
You my love are sturdy as a mountain
And flow like river through the land

You my love are here in the heart
And out there far apart
You my love are the canvas primed
For the painting of my life.

Abstract Art

These days the creative expression has taken the form of colour on canvas. Here is one from the #quarentinelife2020 collection

ये समये

थोड़ा अपने थोड़ा अपनों के साथ
बिताने का समये.
कुछ खुद से कुछ दोस्तों से उलझ
जाने का समये
घर में बेठे नए और पुराने
शौक़ आज़माने का समये

पुरानी किताबों से धूल हटाने का समये
अलमारी के पीछे छुपी उन तस्वीरों
के संग कुछ पल बिताने का समये
बाहर की दुनिया से परे
अंदर की दुनिया में खो जाने का समये

हालात पर ना रोने का, बलकी
हर पल में जी जाने का समये
दीया है क़ुदरत ने जबरन ही सही
ये है एक जुट संभल जाने का समये

I exist

I exist
I wake up in the morning
And go about my day
I do the hard work
For the hungry mouths to feed
And bills that I need to pay

I trust you to do your job
As I do mine everyday
I ask you to show up
And commit to what you say

But don’t you assume
Even for a second
That I don’t have a voice
Don’t just think you can have your way
And give me no choice

I am The people. I exist
If I can walk the streets to vote you in
I can march them when I have to resist
I am the people. I can tolerate only so much
If you start taking me for granted
I am not going to let it go on as such

I am the people and I exist
When your blind ego
Start taking the world to a dark place
I will take to the streets and protest
Because it’s my right and my space

If where you want to take the country
Is not to prosperity but division
If your agenda is fascist
And evil is in your vision
I will wake up and open my eyes
I will get out and I will rise
I will leave my work and everything I need to do
take to the streets as a reminder to you
That I am the people and I exist

You can try to suppress me, shame me
and apply the force if you so dare
But I will protest because I care
I care about the future of my children
I care about the next generation

So I will walk on the street Night and day
I will leave the hungry mouths to be fed
And the bills I have to pay
And I will protest until the dark clouds clear
And I will shout to open those shut ears
Because I am the people and I exist

I am the country, the city and the world
And when evil rises I wake up and resist
For if I don’t awaken now
You will take my silence as an agreement
My busy life as my indifference
And forget that you exist because I let you
You have a voice because I DO.

वो पैहला प्यार

वो पेहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं
जिसके इंतज़ार में वक़्त बीता तो सही
पर कभी गुज़रा ही नहीं
धड़कन थमी बहुत मर्तबा
पर थमके कभी बढ़ी ही नहीं
वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं

वो एहसास जिसमें एक कसक सी हो
और उस कसक में भी आनंद आए
लमहें थमें और समये तेज़ी से गुज़रता जाए
जिसके छूने के एहसास भर से ही तपिश हो
और एक नज़र भर से घेरी सी कशिश भी
वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं

वो जो खुद की ख़ूबसूर्ति का एहसास दिलाए
अपने आप पे थोड़ा ही सही पर घमंड तो कराए
आयिने की ज़िंदगी में नयी अहमीयत हो
और घण्टों ख़यालों में खो जाने की आदत भी

वो पहला प्यार जो शायद कभी हुआ ही नहीं
वक़्त बीता तो सही पर कभी गुज़रा ही नहीं


I was born and then came she
It was a bond like no other
She helped me survive
And we grew up together
All that I said and all that I did
She was right there doing my bid

I wouldn’t have made it without her
in this cruel tough world
When I couldn’t do it alone
She was by my side, my girl

I depended on her
she became my crutch
For whatever I had to do
Her voice mattered so much

Her influence grew by the year
and I became a bit more weak
Her voice got much louder
And mine a bit more meek

She remembers it all now
every scar we got
every hurt feeling and
every negative thought

I can’t blame her though
For wanting to run and hide
I can’t blame her for
she wants to protect our pride

We both won’t be alive
If she didn’t help us survive
But now she is weary and doubtful
Hurt and oh! so scared
So it’s time to find my voice
as for life the two of us are paired

It’s my turn to stand up and give her a hug
Tell her to take a backseat while I step up
It’s time for me to lead the way
And know that I can let go
Of SHE who is my EGO


It doesn’t have to be black and white
Maybe it’s a deep shade of grey
it’s doesn’t have to be far left or right
Maybe there is another way

It doesn’t have to be an either or
Maybe it’s nothing at all
It doesn’t have to be a neither nor
Maybe it’s encompassing it all

The high standard we define
The limits in which we confine
Maybe there is another view
Different than yours and mine

So focused are we to win
That we forget to really hear
So sure are we of what we know
For the unknown we completely fear

The differences we hone in on
And the similarities we choose not to see
Maybe we aren’t all that different
Just Separate branches of the same tree

It doesn’t have to be black and white
Maybe it’s a deep shade of grey
It doesn’t have to be far left or right
maybe There has to be another way

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