Milestones; make you reflect
Make you pause and look back
At the journey thus far
And the road that lay ahead

They give you a sense of achievement
They say you have arrived somewhere
And how far you have come
They give you hope and excitement
For the adventures that are yet to begin

As I look back in the rear view mirror
I find it wise to note the lessons learnt
Rivers crossed and bridges burnt
Wise to keep the fire of curiosity alive
Wise to be grateful for the companions
Who joined me on this journey called life

As I bid adios to a decade that has been
10 years of growing up, many more of just being
A decade that shaped the woman I am today
And underlined the girl I entered it as
I am giddy with excitement
For the new chapter that just begun
For like always, I strongly believe
The best is yet to come.


जो खुद को ना जान पाया तू
तो किसी और को पहचान क्या देगा
जो अपने आप से ना कर पाया गुफ़्तगू
किसी और के सफ़र को ख़ुशी क्या देगा

कुछ लमहें खुद पे खर्च कर
एकांत से बातें कर
ख़्वाहिशों से परिचय कर

ढूँढ़ जो पाया तू खुद को इस भीड़ में
तो किसी की आँखों में खोने का डर ना होगा
जीत जो पाया अपने आप को
तो किसी के प्यार में डूब जाने का गम ना होगा


The one who doesn’t know himself
How can he identify with another
The one who hasn’t spent any time with his own thoughts
How can he get lost in another’s

Spend some time with yourself
Talk to the silence and talk to your soul
Know your dreams not just your goals

If you can discover yourself in this crowded world
will not be afraid of losing yourself in the eyes of someone
If you can win yourself all above
There will be no fear of falling in love

ये समये

थोड़ा अपने थोड़ा अपनों के साथ
बिताने का समये.
कुछ खुद से कुछ दोस्तों से उलझ
जाने का समये
घर में बेठे नए और पुराने
शौक़ आज़माने का समये

पुरानी किताबों से धूल हटाने का समये
अलमारी के पीछे छुपी उन तस्वीरों
के संग कुछ पल बिताने का समये
बाहर की दुनिया से परे
अंदर की दुनिया में खो जाने का समये

हालात पर ना रोने का, बलकी
हर पल में जी जाने का समये
दीया है क़ुदरत ने जबरन ही सही
ये है एक जुट संभल जाने का समये

Soul connection

Our eyes met

And we saw our soul

You saw deep inside me

I saw you whole

Not a word was said

And yet a story was told

There was no touch

Yet a strong hold


That burn on my skin

From the fire in your eyes

No questions and no doubts

Beyond the truth and the Lies


Past had no meaning

Future didn’t get a thought

A moment is all it seemed, 

and yet in it; a lifetime was caught


“Time.. an abstract concept or a reality
It IS the space between was and will be
a moment and an eternity
It runs and yet goes nowhere
As much mine as yours
Spaced in minutes and spanned in hours
The most powerful healer
And the most cherished gift
enjoyed often & often dreaded
Counted in decades
in memories it’s threaded
I wonder sometimes
Do the birds cruising above, time their flight
Do they count the days and the hours in the night
Or they sore in the sky just because that’s what they do
And don’t carry the burden of time passed and what’s yet to come through
I wonder sometimes
Do the leaves on gorgeous green trees worry they will fall come cold
Or the buds resist blooming because they don’t want to get old
I wonder sometimes
If the clock didn’t tick and the hands didn’t move
Will the world stand still and lose its grove
I wonder sometimes
What if we didn’t count the seconds that passed
What if we live the IS between what will be and what was
What if we cherished the soul of life and let the flowers bloom and unfold
What if life wasn’t a timeline where we worry too much about getting old
What would it be then…An abstract concept or a reality
Lived in a moment passed in an eternity”

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